About Acacia


ACACIA is one of the leading manufacturers companies in the global fertilizers market, our factory and headquarters located in Jordan, provide us with a strategic position in the Middle East and Africa markets, in addition to having a very close relationship with European markets.

ACACIA specialist NPK fertilizers production with various kinds as (Liquid, Soluble and Suspension) also we produce Organic fertilizers and Specialty Fertilizers, and we can provide the mono component mineral fertilizer or compounded.

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Who we are?

Acacia provides reliable and effective products that improve yields, quality and ensure that food production keeps pace with the growth of the population.

Best Quality Products

Using the best and purest raw materials to develop products for global markets and continuous improvement of their formulation to achieve the best results.


Attention to each client with a specialized agricultural engineer who will provide, with transparency, the maximum amount of information available in both, the international and local markets.

Better crops

Make farming more efficient in order to help feed more people and livestock..